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Locomondo is one of the most known and successful bands in Greece. The 6-member band fronted by Markos Koumaris, the main songwriter and composer of the group, fuses Reggae, Ska and Caribbean sounds with Greek traditional musical elements. The members of the group are: Markos Koumaris (Vocals, Guitar), Giannis Varnavas (Guitar, Vocals), Spyros Besdekis (Bass), Stamatis Goulas (Keyboards, Vocals), Stratis Aggelos Soundris (Drums), Thanassis "Spogos" Tampakis (Sound engineer). Additional musicians include Christos Kalaitzopoulos (Accordion, Vocals), Christos Spiliopoulos (Trombone) and Nikos Tattoo (Trumpet).


die band

  • Markos Koumaris

    Sänger, Gitarre

  • Giannis Varnavas

    Gitarre, Gesang

  • stamatis goulas

    Keyboards, Gesang

  • spyros besdekis


  • stratis aggelos sountris


  • thanasis tampakis


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